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ADHD Support Groups

Other great groups I have found:

Parents With ADHD Children:

ADHD Kids Care Support Group

ADHD Natural/None Medication Children Support Group!

Kids With ADHD and ODD. We Are Not Alone!

ADHD/ADD/ASD Parent Support Group

ADHD Kids and The Parents That Love Them2

Parents of ADHD Children

Moms with kids with special needs.

Parents of Children With ADHD

Children with ADHD, Parents need help too!

Parents of ADHD/ADD Children Private Discussion Group

Single Parents of ADHD Children

Adults with ADHD:

ADHD Welcome Home! 


Awesome Women With ADHD

Adult ADHD Private Forum

The Real You With No Restrictions ADHD

ADHD Clean Bunny Group 

*Adults With ADHD

Mormon's With Aspergers or ADHD

Underachievers Unite- Adult ADD/ADHD

ADHD- Europe Facebook Group

Women With ADD aka ADHD

Living with Mental Health Issues of ADHD, Bipolar, Depression, & Anxiety

ADDitude Magazine

ADHD ADD Addiction Support

The Squirrel Tree

Adults With ADHD


Teenager Support:

Where's My Homework?

Adults and Parents Unite:

ADHD Moms with ADHD kids

ADHD Unite

ADHD Moms with ADHD Kids

ADHD Blogs

ADHD in Pictures 

ADHD Support Group for Families 

Spouses with ADHD:

He Said What? Spouses of ADDers


Mentally Challenged Mommys


Impact ADHD

Nest Maven


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