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  1. My name is Brent Krauth you may have seen my link on Facebook when I was almost 3 years old I had a brain tumor removed it is called Cerebellar Astrocytoma it was located on my brain stem so my balance is real bad that's why I use a walker. I was also very little for my age as a preteen so my mom and dad put me on growth hormones to help me get taller. All through school I was bullied I had little to no one standing up for me. I also have ADHD ,OCD and autism Maybe that's why I was bullied, In fourth grade I was bullied so bad I tried to burn down the school they wouldn't let me go back without having a evaluation down to see if I was safe to return to school. I finished out elementary school mainstream, then in 6th grade I started special education at Krejci Academy in Naperville Illinois. When I attended Krejci 6th grade through tenth grade I had many great friends, I also attended mainstream special education half day in tenth grade. I was bullied at Waubonsie valley high school in Aurora Illinois I was in my home room which was a special ed classroom the teacher left a knife out and I hide it in my pocket I hide it there because I was afraid I would be bullied. I wasn't gonna use it but having it with me made me feel safe. The teacher saw it in my pocket and immediately took it and sent me to the deans office. Where I was expelled all because I wanted to feel safe, I have learned from all the mistakes I have made in life but they keep haunting me. Then in eleventh I was sent to another special ed school in Bartlett Illinois called Bartlett learning center now known as Clearwoods academy. Then a little bit after that the Dupage county sheriff came over with papers for me to sign I signed not knowing my parents wanted to be my guardians I believe they had this planned out so they could help me run my life. But actually I am very greatfull that I signed they just wanna help me and stand by my side. When I was at Clearwoods I made bad decisions and I was sent to an alternative school called Aurora Education Center I use to get in fights with people at Clearwoods that use to bully me.I was just trying to show them I'm not afraid of them but a better choice I could have made was to tell a teacher and I didn't. At Aurora education center I was actually bullied by teachers they use to restrain use for getting upset or even speaking our minds. I stayed at AEC till I was 21 I never got my high school diploma because I wasn't in regular classes. Then after school I started working august 25th 2007 at a developmental workshop for disabled individuals I have learned so many new skills here like assembling products for company's, disabling computer monitors and helping others. I recently got a job at the dog pound spending time with dogs and socializing and playing with them Please follow me on my journey my dream is to be an inspiration.

  2. Beautiful!!! It changes my perspective now on WHY some children STILL go into school today with guns and weapons. They might also be bullied and are afraid. You are a wonderful, beautiful and brilliant person, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.