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Share your 'C'

To share your 'C' share in the comment section, e-mail, or share on our facebook page Our ADHD Story and I will share them on here. Thank you!

"My C. He's been on Vyvanse for over a year. He's brilliant, hilarious and still a handful. He's far from a zombie, but far from ideal child. He's absolutely perfect and I wouldn't change a thing about him. ♡"

"Here is my "C". He is a green belt in karate and an entry-level Canadian Soccer referee. He is no zombie!!"
"Ok so I knew my kiddo was different at birth. Yes birth in the delivery room to be exact. I said to my mom "We're going to have problems..." And we do. But being the parent I am I accepted this and moved forward. My son began therapy at two, homeopathic meds the same year. By age 3 he was in OT five days a week for an hour a day, and started non stimulants. We decided we weren't going to tell anyone because of the stigma around medicating children. Then we were at my parents one weekend. My dad punched me on the shoulder, we're like that, and says "See I told you there was nothing wrong with him. He'd out grow it." Then I said "He's medicated big guy. Told you meds wouldn't change him, wouldn't turn him into a "zombie." This was a pivotal moment in my parenting and my quest for my kiddo to be accepted for who he is. I no longer give a rodents rear what anyone thinks about what I do.Oh and here's a pic of my C"

"Here's my B: She just turned 6 two weeks ago. She has achieved the level of Little Ninja black belt, which is the equivalent to adult yellow belt. Is she good at focusing? No way! Does she need to be reminded of things a lot? You betcha! Does she fidget like a baby puppy? All the time. But she's amazing. She's loving. She's one of the best things that has ever happened to me."
"Here is my other "C". He's a

 yellow belt in karate, loves 4-H

 and has a heart of gold!"

"Here's my "C" . He's now a red belt in

 Taekwondo, he's worked very hard for over a

 year and his next belt promotion will be to

 recommended black!"

"My "c"!!"

"These are my "C"s

 all three"

"Here is my "C". He has been on a few different medications and we are now trying vyvanse. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 5 and has recently also been diagnosed with ODD. It has been a struggle but it's one struggle I wouldn't trade. I always hear wouldn't it be easier if he was just a normal kid and I always reply with what exactly do you consider normal. Yes my son is different. He has to work harder than your kid to make good grades and no he might not have as many friends as your kid but he is mine and I love him just the way he is."

"Awesome, here's my 'c'"

"Love my son. He is ADD and doing great

on meds. Has kept his grades up and 

entering 8th grade."

"Here's my "C" crazy, cool, creative,

 chatterbox,charming, far from a zombie!!"

"This is my daughter who has ADHD and anxiety. She is an excellent student and going into 3rd grade."

"grandson while on his meds, happy and active finding a turtle"

"Here's my C at her pre k move up day"

This is my C 😊

This is my c !! Liam x Want to see my "C" ?

"Want to see my "C"? This is Grace. She's an 11-year-old and has been on concerta for four years now. She has gone from being a shy inhibited girl in the corner of the classroom who stayed in her own little world to a vibrant and confident girl who goes to a specialty school for kiddos with various learning differences where she is the "flyer" for the cheer team, is active in archery and horseback riding. And has been on summer swim teams since she was 5-years-old. Oh yeah, she is completing this school year with straight A's! God made her just the way she was supposed to be which is awesome! **I couldn't pick just one photo...sorry!"

Heres my "C"...he is almost 21 and serving a 2 yr mission for our church in Paris, France. He graduated high school with a 3.2 gpa and received an academic scholarship. He is full of enthusiasm and loves life  never would anyone say this guy was a zombie, on the contrary he was always fun to be around, the life of the party.

                           Here's My 'C'

"Here are my 2 C's! They have been on stimulants (adderall and then switched to ritalin) and antihypertensives (clonodine- which did make them a little zombie-like, so we switched to tenex, which has been an awesome antihypertensive for them) since age 3 1/2. They just turned 5 last week!"

"My "C" has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He's

been through way more than any 6 year should have

to deal with, but he keeps on smiling, keeps on 

loving. He dotes on his little brother and cuddles with 

mama all the time. Heart of gold, full of 

zombie status here."

"My C! Most amazing wonderful little boy I know. He is so caring and outgoing! And crazy lol. One of 3 reasons I wake up in the morning! ♡"

Hi everyone this is my C. His name is Landon, he is yellow belt in karate, A and B student, does chores, and loves cuddling with mommy. He does not sleep much and can make me want to pull my hair out at times but I would not trade him of the world. This is him on his meds for ADHD and ODD. He is now going on 8 years old and has been on meds since he was 5.

"Here is my "C"... She's six and on medication for ADHD and ODD. She is far from a zombie. I can barely keep up with her. She is an extremely smart little girl who loves gymnastics and is very social. She has extra abilities and is extraordinary! She can be a challenge at times but that is her unique personality and i wouldn't change her ever. I love my little girl!

"This is my C story. Meet Kamron he is 9 

years old and brilliant. He's the sweetest

little boy ever."

"What cuties  here is mine HF Autism, ADHD, SPD"

"My 10 yr old is a black belt in Kempo karate as well as a red/black stripe belt in jujitsu. I couldn't be more proud of him and how far he has come."

"This is my c. This is my son Ryan 11.5 years and on 64mg a day but he is not a zombie. He loves his gardening."

"I'm a c. Without the help of Vyvanse I didn't have the capability to sustained attention long enough to even keep my house clean. Medicine has given me my life back. No zombies in this house." 

A big thank you to everyone who has shared their 'C'!