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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Perks of Small Boobs!

I think we live in a world now where we are ready to stand up and fight against fat shaming. I think it is great but I also believe we should do the same for those who are shamed for being skinny. 

I know, I know, how dare we be skinny and have feelings? 

Did you know for every fat girl starving herself there is a skinny girl hating her skinny figure, not feeling womanly enough, and not feeling like she can be sexy? It is true. I am one of them.

Yes, after being married and having six children I still consider myself one of ‘them’. I recently lost 26 lbs! I should be celebrating right? No, instead I am insecure about my small breast size and now I am battling with myself about whether to stay fit and active or keep on extra weight to have more cleavage.

A few months ago I began seriously considering having a breast augmentation. I am not against women having procedures to feel more confident about their bodies. I am against feeling like that is my only option or I am ‘less’ of a woman or I am not ‘enough’.

So for all those girls and women who are part of the amazing itty bitty titty committee here is one for you!

10 ‘PERKS’ to having smaller boobs!

  1.   Your girls are always perky and will stay that way longer, less gravity pulling them down!
  2.  You can leave the house without a bra! A good sweater and nobody notices!
  3. You get cuter bra choices! I recently went shopping for bras and even if I walked out with my A cup size the selection I had available was freaking adorable and sexy!
  4.  In the words of Fix it Felix “Look at that high definition!” and baby you’ve got it!
  5. No back pain. These big boob girls claim this is an issue. I will just have to trust them on this one.
  6. You can do any sports you want! You can play basketball with only one ball to worry about. Imagine, some women don’t know how that feels!
  7. You have more clothing options without people thinking you are scandalous.
  8.  You got through school without every boy trying to hit on you for the wrong reasons! For this reason alone I hope my girls join my committee ;)
  9. People will actually make eye contact with you when you are talking to them
  10. You’ve got quality over quantity! Sometimes less really is more.

What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!