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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Concentration is a gift

I was diagnosed with ADHD last year January. I have been on 54mg Concerta ever since. I am now 27 years old. I can't believe I spent nearly my whole life undiagnosed. Ever since the diagnosis and medication my life has changed drastically.

 I was one to have many projects underway but never ever have any of them complete. I could not concentrate, I was extremely impulsive with my decision making and it often landed me into some serious trouble. I was in addiction for 10 years. Depressed because I just "couldn't do anything right" or would "always give up". Having people tell me that I had so much potential but could never ever see anything through. I felt like a failure and turned to drugs to hide my shame.

 I have been clean since September 2014. I have been on Concerta for just over a year and everything has changed. From being someone who sat at home and did nothing to being a financial adviser for a financial services company. I can work full days and even put in the extra work, not because I am forced to but because I want to. I sit down and study because I want to absorb and learn. 

Concentration is a gift that is just over a year old for me and I am so fascinated with it. I can read books and no forget the story as I go. I can sit down and watch a movie and not get distracted. I love learning new things and am amazed at how smart I am. It is really awesome. I am so glad I have been diagnosed and have appropriate treatment. I don't just rely on Concerta. I have put in a lot of effort on my part, cognitive behavioral therapy as they say. I wake up and am excited. 

Concentration is incredible. I have found God with concentration because I can think and dwell on something instead of there being a million thoughts overpowering other thoughts. From sitting in church and listening, I became interested and came to believe in God and Jesus. Pretty cool. And I like having ADHD. I like being different.

-Steffin Theo Greyling