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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Anxiously ADD

It is common for people to pick on themselves. People with ADHD commonly say to themselves "Why did I do that?" "I am so stupid!" "How could I forget that?" And many more. We feel like everyone is seeing our faults, judging us, and they don't like us. Sadly most of the labels and negative perceptions we have about ourselves come from ourselves.

Why is this? Well ADD and ADHD in many cases don't come alone but they have a friend named anxiety. Many of us in fact are diagnosed with anxiety or depression first, especially women. I was 19 when I was first diagnosed with anxiety and it was only 7 1/2 years later that I was diagnosed with ADD.

Through the years I have tried to ignore my anxiety to be honest. Even when being told I had anxiety I was doubtful. Me? Anxious? Nah. One of my biggest strengths, or at least I think so, is the ability to be optimistic. In every situation I am looking for the good. Yet despite my best efforts to 'not' be anxious it has been a struggle through the years.

Yesterday in fact I gave myself another wound from picking at my skin. Instead of just picking myself apart from the inside I could see the sore from me picking at the outside too. I don't know why yesterday it suddenly hit me that I had a problem but with some searching I realized I am not alone.

So last night I nervously talked to my husband. It is embarrassing in fact to admit you struggle with anxiety but you also do something 'weird' like picking at your skin. When talking to him I realized the ways this has affected me, even more than just some unattractive marks on my face. I even pick at my feet causing myself to walk in pain for days only to do it again.

So now I begin my journey to acknowledge my anxiety and to find ways to cope and heal, from the inside and outside. I am hoping some natural steps like good food and exercise will get me to a good place but as always I know my doctor is there to help me as well. One step at a time, one day at a time. As always I think acknowledging our struggles and understanding them is the most powerful first step to coping and improving.

I will keep you updated! Do you have any tips or helpful suggestion? Pleas share! :)

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