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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Choosing ADHD Medication

I have ran in to so many parents refusing to even try medication . They have told me it will ruin their mind , that children on stimulants are zombies and so on . Yet my adhd boys on stimulants are doing great in school now, while my friends are failing . My boys are keeping the friends they make while my friends kids do not have friends as it gets to muvh for "regular" kids. My boys don't get in trouble in school while my friends get called from school all the time . My friends kids spend most their day grounded, punished or alone , while mine play outside with friends, ride their bikes, and have a blast .

So tell me how is medicating my children harming my children ? I am all for parents trying natural way if it works . But if it clearly is not working without medications then give your child the help he needs .My Boys Are happy , Active And enjoying life . While my stubborn friends have kids that are fighting with them every min, struggling in school and feeling alone because the kids in their neighborhood won't play with them .

Sometimes you have to step down from the I'm better then you throne and take the help that is out there. I just wish they would listen , I know their children would enjoy life so much more .

My 5 Year Old ( Just turned 5 :)) Started Meds 3 months ago like I said . He could only count til two . He now helps my 1st grader with her math homework. That's in 3 months . Adhd children are brilliant but they need help to channel it all so the world can see their brightness


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  2. What meds are your children taking? I have had adhd issues since I was a kid and still to this day and I am 32. I see it in my daughter and it breaks my heart. My husband doesn't agree with meds but nobody knows what she is going through better then me. We have tried vivanse but she says it upsets her stomach.

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