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     In my process of trying to find answers there have been many opinions the loudest of which are against medication. I was left feeling that if I was a good mother I would not medicate my child. I needed help soon, I was at the point where I knew I could not live my life like this any longer. I chose to try medicine and I am so glad I did. Every child is different and there are many treatment options. Maybe one day medicine won't be the option that is best for my son but today it is. He is happier, successful, and focused! In return making our family happier and having more moments with him that have joy and praise. ADHD is an illness that needs to be treated. All I want is that the negative judgments stop and we allow mothers and fathers to love their child enough to find the best path for their child and family.

     When my son was diagnosed with ADHD I spent a lot of time searching the internet to find real experiences. I needed more than a list of symptoms. I wanted to learn more on a personal level how this has been affecting others. I searched but I could never find it and then I realized I was searching for my story. Maybe someone else is searching for my story or maybe we need a place for people to tell their story. I hope to be that place where people can find understanding and a voice. We can help each other not feel alone during the hard times and also give hope to each other. 

Disclaimer: Please be aware many stories and thoughts are expressed by many different people and may not necessarily represent the views of Our ADHD Story. We are also not doctors and any information found on Our ADHD Story should be discussed with your doctor.  



  1. My son is on medication. I struggle with it from time to time for several reasons. Themain reason and sometimes even the sole reason I have him on it is his impulse control issues. It gets to the point I'm scared it could get worse than the ER visit. You hear of people say "he doesn't look before he runs into the street for his ball" yes that is exactly my son! Seriously. It isn't lack of teaching him. He knows to look both ways before crossing the street, even on the quiet backroads. He knows the "rules" but his impulse travels at a faster speed than his brain jumps to the rules. Act now, realize later. I don't feel happy with the medicine he is on and trying to find something that works best but at the moment, the one he is on doesn't bother him. It's a little over played that if you put your child on medication you are doing bad and just want a zombie child. It's far from the truth! My son isn't a zombie and I was never a zombie on my medicine. In fact, I felt like it wasn't enough help but it made my anxiety worse so I stopped mine. Hopefully my son won't have anxiety issues too. Parents really need to stick together instead of beating others up or anything else. It's a hard journey and support is helpful. But we have to remember 1 our children are not their struggles! And 2 God gave us our babies for a reason! I have caught myself learning from my son so much and I love it. Being a mom with adhd can be really really hard. Add an adhd child to that and it can make it feel all kinds of chaotic sometimes but I know I have to trust God.

    1. Thank you for sharing! Would it be okay if I shared this on the blog? :)