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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Have you been there?

I can even shamefully admit that I did the whole bring to school when school was not scheduled. I brought my daughter to school; there were cars in the lot so with that I didn't even question no buses, I figured the lack of buses meant I was late. I drop my princess of with a kiss and an I love you only to get home and have a call from the school.... You see; it was election day; hence the cars, & school was off. Thankfully the office ladies were there and my frantic daughter had then call me. She was in fifth grade. This is the minimum of the incidents of forgetfulness. One time while meeting family for dinner, we go to leave in our car and as my lil shiny went to get in she dropped her ball; I told her to forget it lets go. I heard the door shut and away we went. Again I get all the way home while thinking she's awfully quiet, hmmm. I was thankful for the peace. I get in the driveway and tell her to go in the house. ... NO RESPONSE. I think that's strange; I didn't even hear her get out so I call for her. I normal call quickly turns to terror as I now realize; I forgot my child at the restaurant. I call my family being please please please . Tell me you have my daughter. THEY thought I was teasing when she walked up to their car and said mommy left me. They thought I was teaching her a lesson. I broke every traffic law known to man in efforts to get her. This definitely was not one of my brightest moments. I just get so wrapped up in everything else it's like I go on auto pilot and for some one to wave off my course. .... I don't even have the capacity the receive it in my brain. Until it's over.

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