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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Unforgiving Grudge

Does anyone find with their ADD or ADHD that when they get so mad, or hurt, or rejected that when something sets you off to the point that you grow devil horns on your head that you become so bitter, and unforgiving, and full of resentment that you just cant see past your own wants, needs or desires? OR, is this common in everybody? Just curious to know how you all deal with anger in the heat of the moment!!! I am probably the most unforgiving person i know, i can hold a grudge FOREVER!!! And i have no problem with blocking people out of my life when things get really bad, and then i forgive when i feel like it. Sometimes, i don't want listen to what others have to say, and that comes off to look as though i have no consideration for others feelings. Id like to believe my heart is like a big fat marshmellow, but hard at the same time towards people i absolutely despise. I wait to around to get MY apology from them first, and very RARELY will I ever go apologize FIRST, and i HAVE TO HAVE THE LAST WORD!!!! I seem to replay situations and conversations in my mind over and over again. Does anyone go through this? Is this a part of the ADD that we experience?


  1. Yes, I do this too. Any bad experiences encounters or negative conversations will play over and over again in my head and the process of forgiving is such a game of ping pong