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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 I have always done my best work (at school & at work) when under the gun with an immediate deadline. To try to capitalize on that, I've tried to start making indulging in distractions contingent upon getting other tasks completed. When I find my attention being drawn away by 'fun' stuff ("I need a new couch. I should check out the inventory on the websites of every furniture store near me", "On second thought, I could sure save a ton if I bought one on Craig's List...", "Wow, look at all these pianos on Craig's List. I sure would love to have a piano someday..." lol) -- instead of doing it immediately, I write it down. 

First thing every morning when I get to work (well, when I remember to at least!  ), I make two lists: on the left side of the page I write down between 3 to 6 things I want to focus on accomplishing that day, in order of priority. Then when stuff like what I listed above pops into my head, I write it to the right of one of the tasks on my list. (I try to match short things higher in the list and stuff that will probably take longer near the bottom of the list). Then as I cross stuff off my to-do list, I allow myself that little reward of distraction (which I try to set a time limit on -- still working on enforcing that more consistently though!)

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