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Saturday, October 25, 2014

They might have ADHD

The other day I had someone scheduled to come and take family pictures. I got my family ready, bribed them to smile and listen, everything looked good except the photographer was not there. Where is she? I knew I had the date and time right (yes the rare occasion) but she was not there. I called, texted, left messages on her e-mail and Facebook. I was pretty frustrated and told my husband “She might be ADHD.”

About 45 minutes late she called me back and headed over right away to do photos. She said she forgot. I won't lie, I was not happy. When she arrived though she was sweet, fun, and very nice. By the end of pictures her personality won me over and I really liked her.

She apologized for not remembering our appointment and I said “That is okay, I am ADHD so I try and be patient with things like that, I am not sure if you know what that is…” and she said “Yes I do, my son has ADHD and I have it too.”  We talked for a little while about being diagnosed and the struggle.

I remember being that girl forgetting appointments and running late feeling horrible when someone would call and remind me. It was never fun and I always felt horrible. It was another good reminder to be patient with others because you never know what they are struggling with. They might have ADHD.

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