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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Neurotypical is Overrated!

     My little guy made me feel like I was doing something right the other day. I was doing some homework on my computer and he came over to kiss me on the cheek.He pats my head and he says, " Doing homework? You're doing a good job, focusing and working hard, my adhd mama" I laugh and I say, "yep, trying to get it done" He starts to walk away, only to turn around and proudly proclaim "And! You gave me ADHD! 'cause, I got it from you." He smiles.
      Such innocence. Oblivious to the stigma that this label has. I hope he never has to feel the shame that most of us experience. Yes, I have adhd. No, it's not easy. But it's a fact and I'm figuring out how to make life work in alliance with my brain rather than against it. Learning about how I think and why I think the way I do has helped gain such a different perspective and adjust plan of attack. Every day is a struggle. Some days better than others.
      This past week (among many other stresses) was one of those struggles. I had completely forgotten about my insurance auto renewal. It was to be drafted this month. Despite all my preventative systems to not forget stuff-- I received the scary warning email from my bank and the cloud of dread rushed in. Trigger that crisis mode super power from that totallyadd article. lol Ignoring the rising panic, my brain in super fast mode is thinking of ideas, ruling them out, finding others, where's the solution? There's one somewhere.
I spent three hours taking pictures of these clothes I had been meaning to list and sell, name brand junk, etc, etc. I've had them for..ever. Just never had the motivation to take the time to get rid of them. Well, motivation struck and poof, its done. Brain moves on to another possible solution...
Being neurotypical is overrated. Life is crazy and fun; a little bit scary and a whole lot unpredictable. Just like me. And I wouldn't change my story for the world. <3

 this was the article I was referring to: 

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