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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Double Standard

I have walked into a room worried about my extra tummy, if my outfit looks okay, and what people might think of my new haircut. I am full of insecurities and scared that I am not good enough. Thankfully it seems like there is a secret code and people look at me and tell me how great I look after having six kids, what a cute dress I have, and that my haircut is perfect for me.

Someone must not have placed that secret code for men because as a wife I have been shocked at some of the things people are willing to say to my husband. People are more than willing to point out if he needs a haircut, they tell him if they don’t like how he looks, that his mustache is so wrong for him, and point out any extra weight he has put on.

My brother has a beautiful wife and receives comments like “and u both have a smokin wife who is waaaaaay out of ur league. lol just teasin ya.” Sadly this does not stop at the adults. My nephew just posted his new haircut on Facebook saying “Love my hair”. A young man finding out who he is and at the hard age of insecurities and peer pressure received these comments:

“Did you stick your finger in an outlet?
“You ARE beautiful inside! The outside - mmmmnnnnnn not so much! Just joking Luv!
“I look like that in the morning!”
“.-. ._.”

  • We want advertisements to show real women
  • We don't want unrealistic expectations placed on women
  • We want equal rights for women
  • We want all women accepted for who they are
  • We stand up for women

Who will stand up for men?


  1. I have to say how much I love the images you put in this. That is just absolutely funny!

    1. Thanks, I thought it was funny too! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. yes! Thank you for writing this. I try very hard to always sincerely compliment Mark. In today's society of women we tend to push the men aside and down. Stand up for men!!