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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Refuse to Make Dinner!

Thank you Stephanie Stoker for the photo!

Every night is the same battle; what to make for dinner? I dread it! It is boring, a lot of work to make dinner and then clean it up, and lets face it unless I am making macaroni and cheese there is usually at least one child who will hate what I put on the table.

So what are my other options? Make my husband do it, have them make their own sandwiches, or hire burger king to fill the position.

As much as burger king sounds like an easy and fun option I don’t think my bowels or waistline could handle it, sandwiches would make me gag after a week, and my husband would probably resort back to burger king.

Instead of making my family dinner I have decided to create dinner!  Just saying create dinner sounds oh so much more appealing and fun. So what does it mean to create dinner? I am not the type of person to make up my own recipes and I would never have the time or patience to make all my meals from scratch so it means I am going to find new things to make. Things with new colors, textures, and flavors!

I am going to be an artist in my kitchen! Dinner is now going to be exciting and fresh. Instead of dreading it every day it is going to be a chance for me to be creative and daring. Now this new method has no guarantee that it will taste good and I know at least one of my children will still hate every meal I create but this is not for us to be healthier, have more variety, or by any means love dinner time. This is for me to enjoy my job; the thing that takes at least 7 hours a week, 28 hours a month, and 336 hours a year. This is about me enjoying my life right down to the last bite!

So what are you going to create for dinner tonight? Link it below or add it in the comment section.


  1. oh wow, I love the idea of Creating dinner. And seriously FABULOUS photo! I hope you don't mind me sharing things other than dinners :)

  2. I know my sister in-law is so talented! I love her. You can share anything you want, but only because you are so awesome ;)