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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Like Mother Like Son (ADHD)

I think most people have that one child that seems so much like them and for me that is my oldest son. Yes my other kids share similar traits but my son is the one that my husband loves to say “He is just like his mother.” and I would laugh and smile nodding my head in agreement.

  • We are honest and blunt
  • We love to talk
  • We are creative
  • We love video games
  • We have sensitive skin
  • We are emotional
  • When we get mad we like to stay mad as long as possible
  • When we are happy we can fill a room full of sunshine

This last fall when my son was diagnosed with ADHD and we talked about the symptoms I jokingly said ‘Maybe he got it from me!’. I did not think into it too much after that but now my son was ADHD so I felt like I had to understand what ADHD is so I can help my son.

In my research I heard many stories of adults with ADHD but most of the time I would ignore them because I was looking more for how I can help my 6 year old boy. One day I did wonder how this may affect him when he was older and I found a website that talked about adult ADHD symptoms. I was shocked and it seemed like the words “He is just like his mother.” were running through my head over and over…

Am I the genetic link? Is that possible? 6 months ago I was an adamant believer that ADHD did not even exist and now my son is on medication and I am seriously wondering if I could have it as well. I become hyper focused and want to know everything I can and find myself saying “Is that why I struggle with that”, “I felt that way too”, and “That is so me”. I am yearning for knowledge and suddenly filled with so much understanding of my childhood and where I am today. My son is "Just like his mother".

  • We are easily distracted and struggle sitting still
  • We struggle to pay attention and complete tasks
  • We zone out and overlook details
  • We have a hard time following directions and procrastinate
  • We have poor self control and also blurt out inappropriate thoughts
  • We act recklessly and don’t deal well with frustration
  • We crave excitement and take risks because we get bored easily
  • We struggle with relationships

  • We have ADHD

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, Thank you! This is a great website to see if you may have ADHD)

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