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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Undercover ADHD

I go by Melanie Dawn. Not my real name. I have to stay incognito due to my job. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago. Life has really sucked partly because I didn't do anything with the diagnosis. I became suicidal before I woke up and realized I needed help and had to face my diagnoses, which included bipolar disorder. So I'm in depth: therapy which is really hard work. I've read some books on ADHD that have been enlightning and decreased the shame. I also see a psychiatrist and am on meds. that is also very hard work because we can't get them right so far. I had been for therapy before and was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder. I think that those doctors did not believe in ADHD. I live in a state where our mental health practice is graded very low on the NAMI scale. So it is hard to get proper care here and you have to do a lot yourself.

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