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Monday, May 12, 2014

ADHD is Highly Treatable

I always have an internal debate going on. I like to mull things over. I learned a lot about myself recovering from a serious mental illness. I used to live in a near constant state of paranoia and psychosis. It took an arrest and the threat of losing my then young son and daughter to accept proper treatment.

I think sometimes people on support groups I have belonged do not encourage people to improve themselves but actually validate unproductive behavior with misplace sympathy. 

I fight impulsive behavior. I have to take steps to make sure I do not behave impulsively. I cheated in my first marriage. I was a serial cheater and got caught. I ruined three marriages in the process.
I had a conversation with my first wife at the time in which I blamed my mistakes mental illness and ADD. 

She she responded with two good points, first she said, "does that mean I should hurt less" and the second was, "why was I not important enough for you to accept treatment".

I believe strongly that if we know that ADD/ADHD affects us cognitively.It affects our memory and/or can make act impulsively. If we do not take steps to correct this then we should expect to make mistakes. Unfortunately these mistakes will in all likelihood not just affect us they could affect other people. 

ADD/ADHD is considered highly treatable and there are many strategies to combat it. If you do not embrace them do you deserve empathy when you hurt other people? Just a thought

(Our ADHD Story shares views from other's and do not necessarily represent our own)

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