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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My way: ADHD Poem

The mind is on creation.
The train is leaving station.
been through this situation.
But maybe another day.

100 dreams have vanished.
hype within has banished.
reality coated and polished.
Just another stack of hay.

kingdom under attack.
Been pushed to the back.
A peek between a crack.
Waiting aside the bay.

Leave me to myself.
Your views are of no help.
I know what you're gonna tell.
Let me move towards the ray.
I have to find my own way.
I have something to say.
No point of more dismay.
It's gonna be okay.

Hey hey heyyyyyyyy. Move aside or come beside me.
Heyy. I might fall of the nest. But not without the best.

I have to find my own way.
Can't just make it go away.
I have to find my way.
To touch the peak someday.

Arnav Kedia