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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buy a Calendar

I have problems with being organized. I know that. The other day I had a wake up call from my counselor who pretty much said "You are flying by the seat of your pants. Things are just going to keep getting harder as your kids get older and you need to be organized for them and for you."

So he said get a calendar. How many times have we heard that? I have a lot and I always thought yeah a calendar is going to be the answer? Well I bought one and  found out with medication it is actually a great tool to help my organization.

I made a life change that involved taking my purse wherever I go to keep my essentials; phone, keys, wallet, and now my calendar. My calendar is small enough to carry around but big enough to fit in more than a tiny box per day.

Plus side is I look for stuff less and right when someone schedules something with me I can write it down quickly and not try to remember it later. This has also helped much of my anxiety because now I feel like I know what is going on and that I am not forgetting anything. My counselor even suggested scheduling time to worry, or schedule your to do lists.

So the other day I scheduled something that has been on my to do list for months and guess what? it got done! I know it is not my magic cure all but it has helped so much to have that calendar on me all the time. Give it a try, what can it hurt?


  1. I use the calendar on my iphone and it works perfect and even alerts my when I have an upcoming event!

    1. I used my phone but its kind of lame and hard to use so I ended up putting it on the wrong day *sigh*