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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Hate a Liar

I have heard people with ADHD are very empathetic, not sure if it is true for everyone but if you have empathy I think you can see how people are feeling and thinking easier than others, even when they are lieing to you. Do all ADHD people see the lies and hate them more? I know I do.  I saw this and related so I wanted to share:

"Does anyone else find that people being straight with them is completely VITAL to their wellbeing? There are obviously people with whom it's even more important (partner, family etc) but I find that I really can't tolerate dishonesty, to a level where the people around me have to know to be as descriptive as possible with anything they're feeling because I'm something of an empathy in that I always know when something's up and 9 times out of ten I'll know what it is, but I need to hear it from the horses mouth. I seem to know instinctively when someone is lying to me and get a sick feeling in my stomach until I have the full story. I feel really put out when someone tries to pull the wool over my eyes, to a level where I consider it cruel if they do it after I've explained to them how important it is that they don't. It can rock my whole world for a number of weeks and I have a really hard time recovering from it. I can handle happy stuff and I can handle sad stuff but being confused or not having the full story KILLS me. I still maintain that one of the biggest gifts you can give to another person besides love, is a proper explanation. Anyone else find that they're overly sensitive to deception or dishonesty? I feel like it's someone electively doing damage to the bond you share with them."

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