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Monday, July 7, 2014

I had to FIGHT to love me!

I had to FIGHT to love me for me as well as educate my self in order to learn what mistakes I was making and how to not repeat them. I try to keep my emotions in check and implement prayer in order to help me find peace or a quick ten count in order to evaluate whether or not my actions are valid or am I it wrong. I write lots of lists, I will repeat what is said to me as well as my interpretation of what I heard and I also try to remember 'I' OVER 'E' : intellect over emotion. It's a struggle and not everyone is going to get us. But the only person I truly need to please is myself. ... I have to accept myself in order to be a positive role model; mother; spouse and employee. Learn your strengths and work with them, don't focus on your weakness '.

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