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Monday, July 21, 2014

Poem to my ADHD Son

You are my world, you are my son

I would never replace you with anyone.
Together we laugh, together we cry, 
I love to see all the things you try.
We have come so far, it’s been such a hard road,
I never forget, it’s you that carries the most of the load. 
But you have always been there with those gorgeous smiling eyes, 
Even every time we have had to say our goodbyes.
I would do anything for you to let you know you’re ok, 
But I see your struggle in your every day.
Don’t worry about finding your own special you, 
You are perfect in every way, yes it’s so true. 
My son, my baby boy, my everything that you are, 
You are the brightest spark, you little star. 
Live, love, flourish and grow, 
You’ll be so perfect, I just know. 

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