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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Get a planner.... grocery list note pads (preferably a one magnet for the fridge) any tasks such as bills to be paid and appts wrote in your planner. It will take some getting used to; but don't give up and CARRY it EVERYWHERE. you'll eventually feel naked without it. My DR'S offices now know; off they don't see me write it in my planner, it's not happening. Don't overwhelm yourself with tasks... set 10-15 min and a specific goal/ don't set your goals to the point that it's impossible to get to; that's just a setup for failure. At work; if you feel yourself check out; don't be ashamed to ask the person to repeat themselves and laugh at yourself! I would be like gee, that was a GREAT vacation. ... I'm back now; can you please repeat yourself. Get yourself structured with task boards... Get yourself educated... I personally have learned a LOT of coping techniques from ADDitude Magazine. They've been extremely helpful.

Take baby steps; if you try to change everything at once you'll sabotage yourself by overwhelming yourself and if at first you don't succeed; try try AGAIN!

Everything is simple on paper. .... it's a process and that process comes with good and bad days; that's where my prayer life comes in. It allows me to forgive myself and realize that my brain is my own worst enemy. As far as having a child, I have days (thankfully they are few and far between, NOW) where I feel completely useless. But that's in my head and that's what I have worked diligently to beat negative self talk as well as the bad habit of internalizing irrational moods of my child's. I have worked very hard to keep repeating, I am good, I am smart, I can succeed. ... over and over. ... at first it's hard but as your transforming your thoughts; it begins to penetrate. Just take baby steps. That is key. ... that is an issue with us shiny squirrels is we go in with a fiery fury only to have the wind blow us out because we don't see instant gratification. Slow and easy wins the race as well as educate yourself.... I found that when I learn "why" my brain thinks how it does; I feel better and I realize that ALL the years the world tried to tell me what I am; I'm nothing what they thought I was.... same goes for the kids. .. not to mention the more we accept our shiny side, the more we can control it as well as show our kids that we ARE perfect in all our perceived imperfections. It also teaches them to be proud of who they are. It indeed is very hard work and each day is a guessing game. .... but you can do it.

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