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Friday, July 4, 2014

Our Journey

People who have never walked in our shoes will never know what this journey consists of. I used to cry thinking I was a bad mom. I would ask God why can't my kid learn. He said every child is different. This is the child I blessed you with. He can learn, he just learns differently.i sought services with Kennedy k.r.e.i.g.e.r, I made sure he was treated right in the classroom (his former teacher at his former school made him sit in a corner alone), spent time at the library on Saturdays, sat with him during his homework. A teacher at his former school tried to retain him. I wrote a letter to north Ave and told them how he was being treated and they passed him. As a parent if you're not satisfied with a teacher's decision, get up and say something. You are your child's advocate. All those who wanna talk trash, screw you!

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