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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Take Another Look

So, if you have that kid that is sitting so politely, waiting for the talk at the zoo, and is not kicking sand, wiggling, or complaining about the hot day...good for you. But keep your obvious holier than though annoying energy out of my business. That impulsive kid, that couldn't sit still... That couldn't stop touching everything... Yup, might have been because of bad parenting. But, it wasn't my parenting. Imagine what your kids would be like if they watched power rangers and ate chips and water for the past 5 years because their mom was a junky. That kid, that made you judge ME, was experiencing child centered fun for the first time in their life... Touching, feeling, seeing, smelling something other than filth and crack pipes. I am sure, any neglected human, might have a hard time meeting your expectations for proper behavior. THAT kid, that YOU thought was behaving so badly... Received love, attention, and PRAISE for being a GOOD listener. You didn't get to see the look on his face, of confusion...prepared to be told he was BAD... And then so relieved that for the first time in his life, he received POSITIVE reinforcement instead of discipline. He was told for the first time, that being a kid was okay... And that it was good he was excited! When he was tooooo intrusive with others, he was firmly, but LOVINGLY told about how his actions were inappropriate. He wasn't beat, ridiculed or ignored... Not once today, for the first time. So, keep your eye rolls to yourself... You're in a public place.... Child centered... Outdoors... Get over it. Your hateful eye rolls and intolerance was so much uglier than anything that boy could do. If you weren't so blind, you would have seen love, compassion, healing, and beautiful memories being made, in the moment, without fear, uncertainty or worry. Today... Was a beautiful day. If you were too busy judging us to see it, then I feel sorry for you... Because you missed something truly beautiful.

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