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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ADHD Poem: State of Mind

"I hope to articulate what it's like inside the mind of someone with A.D.D. through spoken word"

State of Mind
Am I black or am I white?
Is it wrong or is it right?
Do I run or do I fight?
This dichotomy, a constant part of me
from the time I was born
the war was on
step out of my mind
and I will find
saying too much not saying enough
opened but closed
I’ve revealed and exposed
too much of me
Dividing the line between yours and mine
mountain steeper wounds run deeper
excited broken hearted
frenemies, if you please
You think you know me?
Lifting the veil
that’s shrouding my sorrow
can’t my obsessions
wait til tomorrow?
letting it out holding it in
loving and hating
mending and breaking
a part of me
I don’t care I do care
my soul is bare
I’ve explaining to do
but my brain has the flu
fingers tapping knees shaking
mind quaking heart racing
brain pacing back and forth
for what it’s worth
my heart in gold
Boundaries undefined
my thoughts are entwined
words pierce the air
can’t take ‘em back
cos they’re already out there
say what I mean
what did you say?
give me a chance to push you away
being in love being in hate
don’t make me wait
you’ll never relate

Debilitating exhausting

overwhelming daunting
depressed repressed
my spirit’s undressed
square peg round hole
down the rabbit hole I go
close my eyes close my mind
Attention Deficit Disorder defined

~Keely 'Many Feathers' Sinclair

( Please note OURADHDSTORY shares opinions and thoughts from others which are solely the thoughts of the author and do not necessarily represent my own.)

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