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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ADHD Unplugged

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My friend from Home Maid Simple was asking if I have tried a "screen free day". I have been wondering what I could do to get my kids to step away from electronics. It can be a struggle some days and when I do I usually hear "I'm bored". Then I saw this awesome idea from DaleSkram that I had to make my own version of to hang up in my house:

My ADHD son is creative and fun! When I make him step away from electronics he becomes more alive and happy. At first he will fight me but then he will thank me! So I went on a search to find more toys to have in my house that let that creativity shine.

I found Wanted Bricks and now You Found The Best Construction Building Toys on The Planet!. The thing I love about Wanted Bricks is that all of my children can use them to create for any game they want. My kids can make a race track or they can make barbie furniture! They also grow with your kids and don't get outgrown as fast as most toys. 

Or if your child is more into LEGO's and you don't want to spend the money buying and hoarding each set they make I found Pley that lets you try over 1,000 LEGO sets and right now they are even doing a free trial!

If my kids are outside they love to collect things, rocks, garbage, and especially bugs! I thought this net from learning resources with Free Shipping on Orders of $30 or More! and I knew I could just see my kids wanting to go outside searching and running after bugs and then wanting to learn about what they found!

If it is cold outside my kids love to make forts with blankets but struggle to find places to connect them and keep them up but I found The EZ-FORT from - Free Shipping with coupon code: FREE Shop Now! 

I love the puppet theater especially because my kids can even make their own quality puppet at

If all else fails I know KidKraft on sale at zulily always has high quality art supplies that are sure to keep my kids having a great time! What are some toys you have found keep your kids unplugged and still having fun? 


  1. Oh these are all such great ideas!! We've been thinking of getting something like the Tobeez, but then thought Mark could even build something for them like that - giving him something else creative to do as well.

  2. Wow you are entertaining your kids and husband, I am impressed! ;-) I think the Wanted Bricks could keep my husband and kids entertained too! haha