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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Does a SAHM Need ADHD Medication?

Why would a stay at home mom need ADHD medication? I made it through growing up and graduating high school, doing pretty good in college, having 6 beautiful children, and a strong marriage. I feel I have accomplished a lot and so there is that question why do I suddenly need that medication now?

I know why I placed my son on medication because he needed to be able to succeed in school. It was to help him to be patient and able to control his emotions. He needed to be able to focus and help with his responsibilities at home. I wanted him to have confidence in himself and feel good about who he is.

Those are the same reasons why I am taking medication. I use to think once my kids went to school things would be easier but really it has just brought a new stress; homework. I remember hearing once “If you struggled with doing homework as a child what makes you think it will suddenly be easier as an adult?” and this is so true. Not only for me and my personal schooling but lets face it who is the one encouraging and helping our kids get their homework done? The parents. In many cases the mother. If my children are going to succeed in school they need their mother there organized and able to help them.

I need to be patient and stay in control of my emotions. I have 6 children needing me 24-7. They need a stable mom that can listen to their needs and stay calm even when everything feels like it is falling apart. I need to discuss things logically and calmly. Ever hear the saying “If mother isn’t happy then nobody is.” I  also need patience for potty training, discipline, and to listen as they slowly try to sound out a book they don’t know.

I have many responsibilities and they are not getting smaller now but they are growing. Instead of managing my own schedule and time I am suddenly managing a family’s schedule and time. I am expected to keep track of the finances and get everyone paid on time. I am in charge of a lot of paperwork that needs to be done or we can end up not having insurance or getting a negative mark on a credit score. I have to make meals, clean, and do laundry. All these things if not accomplished would take away my family's security and structure that they need and really want.

I want to feel better about myself because my confidence will rub off onto my children and my marriage. I want to know that people can have confidence in me that I will not blurt out an inappropriate comment to my husbands boss, or that I will be able to show up on time to appointments. I would love to say that confidence only comes from within but I know if people are not confident in you it is hard to be confident with yourself.

I believe some of our greatest strengths will come from understanding and accepting our weaknesses.


  1. Thank you for this post. It's exactly what I'm going through and you're right. We need to take care of ourselves to take care of our family

    1. Thank you! It is nice to know I am not alone! :)