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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Overwhelming Idea's

When you or your child needs to do home work...staring at that blank sheet of paper is torture.

How do you take all of these brilliant ideas and shrink them into one simple concept from one persons point of view???

It's very hard for many ADHD/adders to do.

The idea that there is suppose to be some pre structured form of thought formation, a main idea, informative and descriptive word choices to back up and explain the main idea, putting it in proper context so the reader is not mystified, AND finish with a general statement to close the idea when our thoughts are forever growing and changing and creating and going deeper into the many layers of whatever it is we are supposed to write's painstakingly hard to begin that first sentence.

It's not that we don't have a gazillion answers and's that we don't exactly know how to simplify the enormity of our thoughts and everything they are linked to into such small words on a very slow-step by step process. To so many of us, we can't understand why some questions are asked because there are so many different ways to answer them.

It's hard when you can't understand that something so basic and easy and simplified is being questioned. And then you are expected to break it down into even more basic steps.

I remember in school, when Aerial maps were included as one reference. It was like my whole world opened up! I didn't have to blindly follow a simple street view map any more. I could take whatever route I found more efficient and pleasant for me and still get to the same destination as everyone else. And I did not worry about making a wrong turn ever again.

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