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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Path of Least Resistance

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Sometimes it takes me months to  finish anything. I'm 61 and I just started writing thank you cards to people who gave me gifts when I graduated from primary. lol

Honestly though I really struggle with finishing things. And my OCDs go off the charts

I'm also left-handed. I always took the path of least resistance. I always tried to 'joke' my way through life. (And still do). I tell people "I'm a 16 yr. old trapped in a 61yr. old body". Probably because it masks a deeper feeling or pain.

I have quite  a unique blend of things to mention.I always had low self-esteem, I was always overweight. I never had much luck with girls. I will say with all honesty. I never physically abused my wife. I am not hiding anything, we just grew apart. I was obsessed with waste etc. utility bills, being more frugal than she was and I probably drove her away. I was totally devastated when my x-wife of 31 yrs went to the Internet to find someone new.  I  believe rejection is one of the most difficult human experiences to overcome, so much that I tried suicide 2 times.  But much better now. I believe the Good Lord let me stay and maybe to help others.

I did cause a lot of grief to my family and children and could never allow that to happen again.  I do wish my x-wife and I had had a better understanding of my ADHD & OCDs, it might have helped save the marriage, (temple even).  At the time I truly felt, no matter how distorted  that if I were of no value to the woman I wanted to spend the 'eternities' with, then I was of no value to anyone, including 5 children.  And believe me, I don't share this to solicit pity, it's just the reality of things that happened.

But I'm better, I'm focused, I love the Savior and  His teachings. (LDS) connection intended.

Thanks, Mike Belt.  City of salt,  Utah

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