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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Secret to Fixing ADHD

I know the secret to fixing my ADHD. I know because at different moments in my life there are things that make me better, things that clear my mind and make me a better person. All of you can stop trying medication because the secret to success is here. It is all about control, organization, and planning:

  • Control what you eat and eat healthy foods, get rid of the junk.

  • Organize your schedule and lives.

  • Plan to exercise regularly.

Don't worry I have the same look when people say it to me. If you have ADHD I am sure you are thinking what I am thinking “If I could plan, organize, and control myself then I wouldn't have ADHD.” Yet this is the same kind of stuff I read on the internet to help myself, yes me the person with ADHD needs to do the things I struggle with in order to get better. It is like asking the obese man to eat vegetables in a bakery and enjoy them.

Happy April Fools!

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