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Sunday, April 6, 2014

What ADHD Medication Does

What can you expect from ADHD medication? How do I know if it is too much or too little? These are all hard questions for someone who is not sure what life feels like without ADHD. This post is not for medical purposes and any questions should be discussed with your doctor.

  1. You don't want to feel rushed.
  2. You should feel calmer and more in control of what you are doing in real time. 
  3. You should not feel doped up, glossy eyed, day dreaming drifting eyes...till someone has to say something to get your attention. Earth to ......where did you go?
  4. You should be motivated internally enough to use every tool and trick you have to manage your, journal, idea boards, calendar, group similar thought and tasks together to be more productive...
  5. You shouldn't be getting stuck on one particular thing (which is not exactly in the daily plan) and keeps you from doing everything else you need to get done can prove your hyper focus is in overdrive.
  6. You should be more able to transition from task to task.
  7. You should be less emotionally drained.
  8. It should be easier for you to resolve personal conflict (either from a position of a parent to guide your child and help them earn how to problem solve) or in you own interactions.
  9. The person holding up the line will not be the focus of your up coming outburst/attack or feeling of implosion! You should be able to realize that you are in a line waiting for your turn. If you are feeling impatient, you have options. You can simply find another line or go to a different store or distract yourself or see if you can help clear up any problem.
  10. You should not be shaky, sweaty, empty feeling on the inside. 
  11. You also should not be a couch potato.
  12. With practice and hard work and some serious changes and effort into how you perceive others can eventually help yourself to not react so quickly when it's not an emergency (which would need your expertise)

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