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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Saving Money- Back to School

Need some tips for saving money when starting school?

When school starts I am always worried about the cost of getting my kids back to school. Here are my tips for how you can save money:

-Don’t buy all of your school clothes brand new. I love to buy one or two adorable outfits from for my kids when they start school but they are young enough right now that buying clothes at the DI or yard sales is still exciting. You can find some really cute stuff but you have to be willing to look for them and the best part is you can talk them down in price!

- Hand me downs. When kids are younger they are excited to see that cute shirt their sister has finally theirs! Also be grateful when great friends and family willing to give stuff they can no longer use.

-School supplies can also be found at yard sales. the other day I found a brand new army backpack for my son and talked them down from $20 to $5! Found a hardly used one for my daughter and paid .50 cents!

-Find yourself a local hair stylist that may not own a business but does cheaper hair cuts because you come to her home. I save $10 per haircut on my kids and they all look adorable! Or if you have the skills do them yourself for even more savings.

-Now your kids are in school and they need to eat right? Apply for free or discounted lunches through the school. Don’t just assume that you will not qualify. The school has the funding and actually wants everyone to apply. Contact the school office for an application.

-Visit your local library for tons of great books to keep your kids interested in reading. I have a small home and I have never been a fan of storing books. Plus my kids love variety. The library is so much fun for kids and if they pick the book they will be even more excited to read! If you see a book that they love to keep reading then you will know it will be a great investment to buy it.

- Sell what you don’t need. Do you have clothes that no longer fit your kids? Hardly used backpacks? Shoes you bought that were so adorable you saved until your child could no longer fit in them long enough to wear them out? Do your own yard sale or sell them through Facebook selling/buying groups in your area. You will be giving others a chance to buy for their kids at a discount and making money available to buy much needed shoes at!

Do you have any more tips to help save money while starting school? Share in the comments! I know I could use some tips for the teenage years...

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