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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Be Thankful it is Not Your Child

 In 2003 at 4 yrs old we traveled from Minnesota to Newport

 Beach, CA to the Amen Clinic for a Brain Spec Scan which 

was not covered by insurance. He was diagnosed with 

ADHD and Bipolar. A friend found out we were medicating 

him and lectured me about how he could be cured if I 

changed his food, limited the food dyes, and gave him 

vitamins. To think I could have saved $5000 and years of 

frustration just by doing that. How did I not think of that? 

Duh?! I was angry. Years later he frantically called me for 

advice for his child who was diagnosed with ADHD and 

apparently vitamins and a food change did not work for 

them. He is now medicating his child.

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