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Friday, August 29, 2014


'm so sick of....PILES!
Piles and piles of paperwork , old and unpaid bills.....
Piles of dirty laundry and clean that needs to be folded ..... I call it "Mount Laundry"
Piles of "stuff" that has a "home" but I can't seem to get my mind organized to put it back where it belongs.
Piles of crafts left unfinished ...
Piles of stuff I no longer need....
Piles of jewelry and craft supplies that I tell myself I'll use again someday.
When people come over to visit , I have the tendency to throw my piles of stuff into a bag and in my spare bedroom and promise myself I'll put everything where it belongs. Then I find myself with a huge pile of crap in my spare bedroom.
It's frustrating. I wish I could get organized. It sucks that medicine doesn't fix your ADD behaviors.. 

Can you relate? I know I can!

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