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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Patience and Consistency

I have noticed something with my son that may help you. Patience and consistency. Yes I know those are hard when having an adhd child. Specially since its everyday repeating the same thing over and over. But I realized if I lose patience..he loses patience with himself. And more out of control behavior occurs. We have to remind ourselves that ADHD is not a choice. So being too harsh on them causes them to be harsh on themselves. Our kids struggle to control themselves everyday. And thats when we help them by being consistent. They will not always sneak into the kitchen and take sodas and other stuff or control little brother..soon it will pass. As long as you correct them each time. Be consistent. Explain to them once .. then when they do it again ...tell them its not ok and ask why. Like when she hits her brother...explain how it makes him sad and he doesn't feel loved. Then next time.. ask why is it not ok to hit. It helps to remind them when you ask them why this or that is not allowed. I believe it also helps keep them focused on good behavior. I feel like a horrible parent to. I feel as if I can't control him. I'm scared also for his future. And also he makes me feel like ripping my hair out. long as we try our best, we are not horrible. Dont be so hard on yourself. Take a deep breath and try again. As far as discipline goes.. I have my son go to his room. Yes a time out. But I explain to him its just for his benefit. Until he has calmed down,lost his attitude and ready to behave. I allow him to have his on "me" time. (Playing with toys is allowed when actions are not so serious..helps relax my angered child). So he goes to his room mad throws a fit....after he calms down..he lets me know he's ready. She will have friends soon. Maybe any older cousins she can play with to help remind her to share and take turns? Also let her do "big girl" task like helping you put groceries away. Make sure you let her know only big girls do this. And try to always award her with complements when good behavior. I hope I helped a bit. These tips made a big improvement for my son. Wish you luck!"

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