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Saturday, August 23, 2014

What can stimulate the ADHD brain? Why you should be aware.

What can help stimulate the ADHD brain and why you should be aware of it.

  • Anger
Those moments of heated anger can spark the brain and bring increased focus. The problem with this is people with ADHD may seek out anger inducing situations because it can make them feel alert, focused, and alive. They could become addicted and search out this situations.
  • Sex
What is wrong with sex? Nothing if you are not an impulsive ADHD child/adult. Not thinking ahead about STD's or pregnancy could be our downfall. Plus I don't know about you but I would hate to see my teenage child self medicating through random sexual episodes. 
  • Adrenalin
Doing crazy and risky things keeps life fun and exciting for the many people with ADHD. The problem is constantly putting ourselves in danger is not safe and living in that high stress life is not good for our health.
  • Shopping
Have you found yourself shopping and buying way more than you know you should? It is a mixture really of adrenaline and impulsiveness. Still it is bad for our pocket book and our credit score. It can cause a lot of stress on us and our relationships. I guess we will at least look good.
  • Debates
As a teen with ADHD I found myself seeking out debates. It fired up my brain, made my quick thinking skills work in my favor. I would search them out or start them. It mixes anger and adrenaline. Pretty soon though we will find our relationships suffering and less people want to be around us.
  • Caffeine
Caffeine is how I made it through my high school years and when I quit it my symptoms became more obvious and it is also when I was diagnosed with anxiety. The problem is caffeine can be bad for our health and the constant highs and lows make us and our brains undependable. 
  • Food
Oh chocolate, carbs, all the good stuff. This is how I have been medicating myself after I quit caffeine. I feel tired and unfocused so I would feel the need to eat something, anything, but usually something sugary and high in fat. Of course this is not good for our health, our waist line, or my shopping problem when I have to buy bigger clothes!
  • Drugs and Alcohol
These can put our safety and the safety of others at risk. It can also increase risk of illegal activity's, debt, pregnancy, and overall poor relationships and life. 
  • Electronics
The time wasted is bad enough all by itself but if you are on electronics all the time it also makes it hard to keep good relationships with family and friends. 

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