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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Don't Forget the Quiet ADHD Girls

I find myself also very concerned. All the girls I hear about are difficult, acting out, and hard to control. Those girls need help but what about the quiet ones who daydream? What about those struggling by the last minute to keep up and secretly feel like they are drowning every day but work twice as hard to get by just because their fear of failure or rejection drives them to overcome their obstacles? Living with anxiety daily that they will never be good enough and another failure is just around the corner. Let us not forget about those girls...


  1. I have one of those quiet girls filled with anxiety. She cries over the smallest reproach and can't keep friends. When she began hitting herself in the head saying she is stupid and hates herself, I started learning about ADHD. Now struggling against her dad that doesn't see it. The reason he doesn't see it is she is afraid to disappoint him. She is exhausted from holding out together with him and at school and only feels like she can be herself when she is at my house. I am frustrated and wanting to get her help before she starts middle school.

  2. You are an awesome mom for helping your daughter and being a voice for her! I also hit a wall when entering middle school so I think you are super smart for finding her help before she starts! Good luck with your husband!