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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Blame ADHD on...

My apologies if this offends anyone- It is not meant to. It is my first post on here, after months of debating what to write. I have a child that has some of these issues and I feel ultimately responsible for the issues he is suffering through. My life, I know, has affected him. I am not raising my child, his mother is and I think she is doing a great job, by today's family standards.

Random thought- I see a lot of frustrated parents sharing experiences with their child(ren) online. I see a lot of venting. There are a lot of comments about bad teachers in school. Some harsh comments are directed towards health professionals.----> Are we being to hard on our kids? Are we sure our lives (parents) have not helped create or at least advance these behavioral issues in our children? Are our teachers qualified to deal with the changing times? Are doctors facilitating the use of meds to deal dismissively with our kids? I know a lot of parents are trying hard, to "fix" their child(ren). Are we trying in the right way? I know there were a lot of behavioral issues in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's that probably never got diagnosed. But how did we get this far, to let our child(ren) suffer?

I blame it on the loss of family values, the increase of (and ever increasing) electronic world and the lack of physical, group, social activities that children need to bond with one another. There are many valid issues surrounding mental health, countless. I have a hard time believing that we, as parents and adults, in all professions, are not the root cause in a lot of these cases. I love my son. I will love him forever and I never try to show frustration with him, because that's how I feel all children are better nurtured. Does anybody else feel the same?

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