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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ADHD Fears

Does anyone else's child have irrational fears they didn't have before the ADHD?

Great to remember that ADHD can easily be combined with Anxiety and/or OCD. Sometimes finding help for ADHD can not be completely effective without finding help for the Anxiety and/or OCD. Be sure to talk about any concerns with fears or worries your child has with your doctor. 

  • My son did great swimming then one day.. Boom terrified , this was a while ago and has made progress but it took time, I'm new to ADHD and anxiety disorder(that's my son) but what I'm learning is, you can't change how they feel, just try and coach them in lessening the anxiety
  • We always figure it takes 2-3 times as much effort and time for new experiences. Anything new or different has always been a challenge
  • Thanks guys! This was me LOL we tried again a little better, he walked away from the steps some and doggy paddled back TWICE! He had swim lessons for 2 years but after his dad left he regressed's like teaching him everything all over again. He's ADHD and ODD, with some depression because of the divorce. It's definitely a process
  • Yep mine hating swimming especially in the ocean and for some reason his fear has just disappeared and he loves going to swimming lesson and no complaints in the ocean either.

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