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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is ADHD Our of Control Hyper?

I hate how people assume adhd is just "out of control hyper" or just bad parenting etc. Ive 

heard where it concerns my son sooo many times "well I just think his mom isnt teaching 

him like he needs to be. poor kid" when I work my ass off trying to find more things to 

help that works with him on top of dealing with my own ADHD. I dont have the hyper part 

that so many assume it is only. Maybe when I was younger I had some but nowadays i have

a lot of health issues that go against me having any energy at all. I am still  tho. My 

mind is all over the place and I'm messy n cant keep plans like I mean to n want to. I am 

always late even when I set 5 alarms through the same hour period to keep my butt in a 

"hurry" yes I literally do that too. I have to be at church at 4 so Ill set my alarms for 3:20,

 3:35, 3:45, 3:55 etc just to make sure I am gathering n moving along as I should. It 

sounds stupid to some ppl but I'm sure other add'ers understand it. Especially when you 

have kiddos/baby to get ready too. It can be frustrating having others assume they know. 

Like my friends bf was complaining the house was a mess n made the mistake of asking me 

my thoughts. I said it was actually really really clean, which it was. He went on about it n i 

cut him off going on about how adhd ppl have some struggles anyway or some of us. He 

claimed she should be a clean freak if shes adhd. I laughed said yeah dude ur confusing this

with OCD. Not the same. Some have both some dont. On the flip side, there are A LOT of 

fun quirks that I love about being ADHD :)

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  1. It sounds as if we live parallel lives.


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