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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ways to Remember Your Medication

Have you ever wondered "Crap did I take my pill today? I know I thought about it but did I actually do it?" well here are some good pill tips for you or to help you give them to your ADHD child. That is if you can remember to do them! 

  • If you take two doses turn the bottle upside down after your first dose so that way you will know if you have taken it or given it to your child.
  • Pill containers help keep your pills organized and if that day is empty you know you are covered!
  • Put the bottle in a different but still secure location of the house after your first dose.
  • Take your pill and put it in your pocket so you will have it while running errands or at the office.
  • Put a paper by your medication and sign off when you take/give a pill. 
  • Set your alarm on your phone to remind you just don't turn off the alarm until you have taken it.

How do you remember to take/give medication? Share some helpful hints!

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