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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Teenager ODD

I am the mom of a 15 year old son diagnosed with ODD since the age of 11. The past few years things have spiraled out of control, due to his drug use, temper, lack of respect for me and his dad, or any figure of authority. He's been in therapy since the age of 9. He's been a liar since the age of 6. I honestly wouldn't believe anything he tells me. He takes intuniv and depakote, and when he doesn't there is a big difference. I cannot keep cash in my purse he steals it. I hide my purse when I go to bed. We live in a pretty nice home and several times last year, while high, he got mad and tried to destroy it causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage each time with the deputies having to be called out. 

He was in and of juvenile detention and finally the judge put him in there for 6 months in a program that I told everyone the lady that ran it, his PO, my family, his therapist, that he was riding the system to get out. When he got out in Jan he tested positive for pot two days later and has 2 times since, we went to court again today for him violating his probation and possession. We didn't press charges for the damage to the walls in our house. I am at wits end. My son is quarterback on the football team, plays basketball, tennis, golf, and is on house arrest except for practice. This sucks. Thanks for listening.

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