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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Poem: Another tale from the darkness:Breath Taking White Lilies

Another tale from the darkness:Breath Taking White Lilies 


Flowers in beautiful vases
neatly placed to be displayed
breath taking white lilies
rich velvet roses in red
decorating my window pane
scattered falling petals
kisses my coffee table
bright yellow daises stand tall
centerpiece my dining room
and when all is good
this is what I see
me scattered from room to room
instead of me just scattered
in a life
long ago never saw
to one day be mine
decorated window pane
to frame the life that has become mine
petals to kiss my coffee table
replace the tears I would cry
if I knew the questions
and the answers why
I spread myself so thin
only tomorrow to begin again
sixty minutes in an hour
twenty-four hours in a day
seven days in a week
and little or no time for me
problems and mismatched solutions buried so deep
beautiful bright breath-taking face
and a smile to frame and decorate
beyond my window pane
and distract
the little fact
that I am scattered
here and there
and spread so thin
I might just break
in half
so instead...
Flowers in beautiful vases

Chrissi Lee Perroux

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