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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Judging ADHD

I will admit I used to be a judgy person. My oldest son (10 today yay) has adhd as well . He did not start medication until 8 years old . I used to judge the parents giving their 4 year old meds , I did not know how severe adhd could be . That is until I had my youngest . He has always been active , always busy . I fig he'd be another Nick ( my oldest). Boy was I wrong at age two it went downhill . At age 4 he was evaluated and diagnosed with adhd/ODD . I had tried spanking, time out, toys taken away . Everything I possibly could , even therapy . Nothing worked . He was a whole different level of ADHD . After his diagnoses I kept him off meds for a while . Preschool was giving up on him . Kids did not want to be around him , he learnt nothing and cried in sadness begging me to help him . His therapist told me she had never came across a case of ADHD as bad as his . He is very severe . He simply could not function . I think even as parents of adhd children ourself we forget that there are different severity for each case . I thought my oldest was bad , and kept thinking if I could handle him and teach him things why can't other moms do same with theirs ? It is not that easy , it is not black and white . With 4 kids I see how different the once with adhd are from each other, and how my non adhd children are . I never realized how sever ADHD could be , but my son sure shut me up He taught me never to judge because everyone's story is different

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