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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ADD Inattentive Type

I am 42 years old, I had a diagnosis of ADD when I was young, which was unknown to me. I went away to college and struggled a great deal. I was tested as a young adult and was found to have ADD -inattentive type. I am also a HSP, and have struggled with depression since I was a teenager. A year and a half ago I experienced a traumatic event and now have PTSD and anxiety issues. I am on a medicinal regimen for the Anxiety, PTSD and Depression. I practice yoga, meditation, exercise and visualization as coping strategies for my alphabet soup.

Now the good news: I have been happily married now for 14 years to a very supportive loving and forgiving wife. We have 2 children: 5 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. The older is on the spectrum and has AD/HD as well. I am very successful in my career as an instructional specialist in math/ instructor in developmental math, and have found that to be a perfect fit for me.  I regularly conduct workshops on dealing with test anxiety and share with students much that I have learned as successful coping strategies. I am a writer and volunteer both with Boy Scouts and a mission here in the local community.

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