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Monday, June 23, 2014

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I thought if I shared this with you all, it might help anyone that is having a bit of a difficult time with their child like we have had. My Son Liam was 3 years old when we noticed that there was something different in his behavior compared to our two older children. After a really difficult time, periods of not being able to cope and feeling like nobody wanted to help, we were referred to a specialist. Liam was badly behaved at school and we were told that he was disruptive and that he would never make it through mainstream school, and they all but gave up on him.

Our home life was extremely stressful and I would end each day in tears AGAIN. He was violent, verbally abusive and strong, but he was our Son and we were never going to give up on him. When Liam was 10 years old we finally got a diagnosis, he was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, ADHD and mild tourettes and OCD. After trying several types of medication and finding that Concerta was the one for him, he settled in school and then secondary school. His behavior was still challenging at times but he did well in his GCSE'S. He has been to college and passed his A levels, he is now at our local University studying a BA in music and movie soundtrack.

This week he had to go to London all by himself, get the train and tube to do a weeks work experience with a TV company, they were so impressed with him they have offered him a job during the holidays and one when he graduates from University. We are so proud of him and never thought he would cope with the travelling alone and things are looking good for the future, he is 21 now and things can still be tough at times. So all you parents, when things get really tough and you wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel, like we did, stay strong, dont let anyone give up on your child, keep fighting even if you feel like giving up, because with the your support and the right support from others and if they are determined enough, children with these conditions can succeed, can prosper and can be good achievers.

Thank you all for reading this. Thought I would share our story hoping it will show people that there can be a light a the end of a very long tunnel at times I wish this page had been around when Liam was 8 because we would have been glad of the support, at times we felt so alone so I hope it helps parents in some way.

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