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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A New Look

My story began when I was really young I was told I had ADHD they put me on ritalin which was their way of covering what the real problems were I felt that I didn't need to be on it but I could not refuse to take it until I was 14 so I was forced to take drugs it made me feel sleepy and just plain groggy when I was on them people who had no idea about my situation would put me down called me dumb and stupid because they did not understand why I was the way I am they thought I could just change it and it was hard to deal with because I felt angry because I wanted to change it and I could not but after I turned 14 I stopped taking the meds they put me on and I began to look at my learning disability not as a learning disability I began to say I am learning different that is all and I still struggle daily but I struggle less than I did as a child

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