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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quiet and Reserved

I’m 26 and living with ADD since I was 7.

I was highly medicated at school but I still found I never really had any good friends to be with, I classed myself as a floater dotting to different crowds of people I new but stayed in the background so sort of a loner but tried to look like I had friends.

With the lessons because of my ADD I had a teaching assistant in every class apart from sports, music and IT, after my exams 2 of which were gcse I got a G in music and U in IT, that just proved that left alone I either I played up or switched off even when on meds, the rest of my gcse grades were in the d's and e's but it was still a major struggle just to get them.

Even today off the meds for 10 years, I work in a suit shop and in general when I get highly stressed and overwhelmed I go quiet and reserved.

My biggest problem I can't budge is my compulsiveness especially to dvds and having a food box under my bed, cause of not being allowed certain foods when I was a child I buy them and put them in the box.

The main one that people get annoyed at is that I can’t do restaurants, I can go but I won't eat, I feel sick, I never look at the people taking me I look at my surroundings and people watch and when I get really overwhelmed I disappear to the toilet and stay there until I can face just sitting back into the surroundings could be up to 30 mins.

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